Welcome to Artequis!

During the COVID19 pandemic, 

ArtEquis Events adhere to COVID19 protocol including social distancing, 

personal protection equipment and sanitizing

and at this time are offered to a maximum of 12 participants to insure the safety of everyone. 

You don't have to be an "artist". Just a willingness to be expressively "unbridled".


You don't have to be a "horse person",  merely reach out your hand with your heart.
= You!

Give yourself "free rein" 

to experience 

art and horses, and you!

ArtEquis is...

an experience outside of most people's "norm". 

It's an invitation for individual encounters for human and horse discover each other and experience gentleness, awareness and subtle communication.

  It's  invitation that offers an opportunity for self expression in creating art with choices of artistic mediums. Every encounter is different, yet never fail to evoke awakenings of desire for connection and fulfillment.


 Insightful wonder of horses gives way to expression, and hearts are unbridled. 

If you give yourself ArtEquis, you give yourself free-rein.

What people are saying about

their ArtEquis experience:

"My experience of ArtEquis was amazing!  

I went into a round pen with a horse and after a

few minutes of my own awkwardness, the horse

and I moved together and bonded. I left the experience peaceful, relaxed and a little dazed at the scope of our connection.  The Art part of the experience was everything i could ever think of to use for my creativity.  It drew me in and I just want to do it!   I would love to do this again.  I recommend ArtEquis to everyone.  Jen has a special way of helping one discover there is an artist and a horse whisper inside of all of us."  - LB

"These encounters are totally amazing for individuals or teams. It would be a perfect team building event to help others come together in a really positive way. Also, the individual experience is so memorable. The art studio is a fun playground of art supplies to address any creative ideas​. Jen is a great facilitator to help others really find a way to make something that is creative.  I highly recommend it for individuals, couples, friends, teams, families!"   -  MV

"I loved it! Jen's insight and encouragement really enriched the whole experience. Horses are so honest and real... they sort of encourage you to be that way, too. So moving from the horses to the art barn was perfect! And such an art barn! I was in heaven. Jen is a talented artist and she knows how to bring out other people's creativity and fun! Thanks for a happy day!"  - BL

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