Our ArtEquis Events procedures 

have been altered to reflect COVID19 protocol.  

All appropriate procedures are in place, including social distancing, personal protection equipment and sanitizing, and will be maintained to insure the safety of everyone. 


ArtEquis Sessions & Workshops:


Info on ArtEquis Workshops and Sessions:

Whether you are 7 or 97, you will feel the magic of horses from the moment you are introduced to them!  Then touch, walk or talk with them and they will capture your heart. Give yourself time and space to simply be with them in their world. Horses are omni-present and their interest in you is as great as yours is with them. After your "Equis" connection, give yourself free-rein in your personal artistic expression with an assortment of materials to choose with painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, drumming or movement.  

Once you feel this amazing experience, you will want to come back for another and another!




ArtEquis Workshops or Sessions include:

ART - All art materials are offered to you as suggestions and you may chose whichever you feel drawn to. Entertain your expressive self while you play with paints, pens, pastels, canvas, paper, clay, or maybe even a drum?  Let your freedom with the horses give you free rein to express your creativity.


EQUIS - Participate in ground based horse activities that will unbridle your heart.  

Horses are social animals with remarkable intuition and as you interact with them,

they present uncanny similes and may guide you to see how you show up in the world. 

All work with the horses will be done on the ground, and no riding is involved.


Minimum age requirement -  7 years old.  

Younger children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult or arranged prior to booking a session.  

All ArtEquis schedules are:

- Introductions & brief summary of horse body language.

- Equis - Connection Encounter

(There will always be a break between the horse & creative encounter.)

- Art - Creative Encounter

- Sharing & Close of ArtEquis session

ArtEquis Workshops & Sessions can accommodate individual or groups, 

are1 1/2 to 3 hours in length and can be totally customized just for you. 


These ArtEquis Events are held at Los Gatos Farms,

in Los Gatos Mountains, CA.

(Directions can be GPS through Google Maps, 

address is Los Gatos Farms Drive, highway 17 south.)

Coming soon, ArtEquis Mobile Art Studio at your horse facility!!


For more info, email Jen - 


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