"In our authentic moments, art in any form can be the greatest communicator of our thoughts and feelings and animals are the keepers of our secrets."   -  Jen Raynes

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Creating art is my way of expressing my feelings, thoughts and experiences.  Art is my solace and my "mood ring" paintings translate my feelings at the time I create them.  I am a "creativity engineer", a professional and ever-learning artist, teacher, designer.  I am passionate about Art, Oceans, Animals, People and  I've had a full-on love affair with horses since I was three.

As a certified Person-Centered Expressive Arts facilitator, in the foundation of Carl and Natalie Rogers, I am committed to Empathy, Congruency and Unconditional Positive Regard for my participants whether adult or child in all of my SkadoodleArt and Artequis offerings. 

 I believe your experience is yours, and you choose your path to create from what you see in your mind's eye.

No-one dreams in conventional ways. If that were so, innovation would not exist.

In dreams, creativity is energized and allows the unhindered mind to flow with ideas.

All endeavors, whether artistic, adventurous, intellectual, or challenging ones like navigation through a pandemic, assist us in exploring our experiences of them through expression.

New experiences deliver expansion.  SkadoodleArt and ArtEquis are my dreams of creativity and animals and connecting with people through them. They are my offering.

And come what may, that's the"real art".

ArtEquis / SkadoodleArt

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