Hello,  I'm Jen Raynes

ArtEquis has been in my blood for such a long time, since I was a small child when I fell in love with "Mr. Ed" and also a horse called Sandy, whom I told all my secrets to.  I was and am sure he was talking to me. My artistic endeavors assisted my expressive understanding of my youth, teenage and adulthood.

Art is my solace. I call my paintings "mood rings" because they are my feelings at the time I create them. 


My life-long love and experience with art and horses has brought me to this awesome, inspiring place called ArtEquis. I am honored to offer this experience to you.  I hope it moves you, as it does me.


I am a certified Person-Centered Expressive Arts facilitator. I am the resident artist at Los Gatos Farms, where I offer ArtEquis events and ArtEquisKids summer camps. I am a professional artist, teacher, director of equestrian art camps and have shared my life with horses for over 40 years.

After completing my two-year PCEAT program and earning my certification,

I feel the philosophy of being person-centered translates with equus 

as well as expressive arts therapies.


The foundation of Carl Rogers and Natalie Rogers Person-Centered Expressive Art is that I, as a facilitator, always remain Empathetic, Congruent and have Unconditional Positive Regard for the participant of any experience that I may bring to them, adult and child.  This said, the programs that I offer you as a participant in my sessions and workshops are always steeped in these elements and I am held to this standard as a PCEA facilitator.


As your PCEA facilitator, my commitment to working with empathy, congruency and unconditional positive regard allows you to fully open in your ArtEquis experience, with freedom from judgement or directive.


I also adhere to TAB philosophy (Teaching for Artistic Behavior), which translates; instead of teaching you how to draw or paint the perfect apple,

I give you the supplies to paint, along with minimal guidance how to use the materials and allow you to paint the apple you see in your mind’s eye. 

There is no perfect.  There is only your willingness to let your creative expression come forth, in whatever form.  Not everyone will paint the same thing. The goal is not the final artwork, rather, your process in how you get there.  This is where growth happens.


I apply the same philosophy to your encounter with the horses.  Not everyone will feel the same about connecting with them.  I will, as your facilitator, introduce you to the horse, it's history, body language and guide you how to safely be with them.  You spend time with them, in their space, and you don't have to get the horse or you to do anything.  This journey is yours, as you explore the connections.

During your experience with the art and the horses, my hope is that you witness your strengths, feel your humanity, strengthen your boundaries, unbridle yourself in expression and appreciate letting go.

 "In our authentic moments, art in any form can be the greatest communicator of our thoughts and feelings and animals are the keepers of our secrets."   -  Jen Raynes

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